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Greater York Antiques Show

May 6 & 7, 2017

MAY 6 & 7, 2017 SATURDAY: 10am - 6pm and SUNDAY: 10am - 4pm  —  York Fairgrounds - York, PA

Event Overview - Don’t Miss Our Preview Section in the Maine Antique Digest to catch a glimpse of this year’s show.

The Greater York Antiques show is one of the top shows of
its kind in the country featuring 60 dealers from across the United
States. This year’s event runs May 6 and 7, 2017 at Memorial Hall East
York Expo Center in York, PA.

The show will feature fresh merchandise and include for the first time at
The Greater York Antiques Show cut glass from the collection of Dr. John
Williams. Browse inspiring room settings of truly 18th through 20th
century furniture, folk art, lighting, silver, ceramics, glass fine
antique jewelry, clocks, paintings, and other fine decorative accessories
for the American Home and garden.

“It’s something special, you can’t find this material presented in this
kind of atmosphere anywhere else,” said Bob Bockius, show manager of the
Greater York Antiques Show.

The show also promises many unique items, including a collection of 30
carved walking sticks and pointers by William Abbott Willard (1851-1931)
which can be found in the Arborfield Americana Antiques booth.  William
Abbott Willard spent nearly his whole life in Hartford, Connecticut, where
he lived in a house with Mark Twain as his neighbor on one side and
Harriet Beecher Stowe on the other side. He gained a wide reputation for
his hobby of carving canes as gifts for friends and relatives to
commemorate the events of the day, both personal and historic. He often
carved cane handles in the forms of distinguished gentlemen’s heads, and
he usually added an inscription explaining the occasion the cane
commemorated. Most of his canes were carved from twigs he gathered on the
grounds of Mark Twain’s property, and he presented many to Twain and

New to this year’s show is J.K. Nevin Antiques from Doylestown, PA; Larry Thompson from Swellville, GA;
Fleshman’s Antiques from New Market, MD; Barbara Rew of Lewes, DE; and
Gary Manlove of Greenwood, DE, who is bringing a Henry Mauger rifle to the
show. Mauger (1750-1826), who worked in Douglas Township along the Bucks
County line, made rifles and pistols and some locks. It is
believed that John Derr apprenticed under Mauger and Derr used a similar
patchbox design on his many of his rifles. This same design was also used
by Joseph Faust.

Saturday afternoon features the Managers Reception, a nice opportunity to
talk with the dealers and learn the significance and history of the items
that are presented while enjoying a glass of wine or champagne. Sunday
morning the show will open at 10:00am to accommodate collectors and
dealers traveling to Brimfield MA. The York Expo Center is centrally
located a short distance from the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and a few miles
from Interstate 83 and 81. Coffee and pastry from the Copper Crust, a
wonderful local bakery, will be served and part of a relaxing Sunday
Morning perfect for  shopping and enjoying the show. The show will close
at 4:00 PM.

An on-site café is available for lunch or a light snack while on the premises. Enjoy a cup of coffee for that necessary jolt of java, tea or ice-cold drink while visiting the show. There are more than 53 restaurants surrounding the York Expo Center, so there is plenty of opportunity to find something you will enjoy. Looking to celebrate that recent purchase, visit the Lyndon Diner less than a mile from the Expo or Handel’s home made ice cream parlor as a special treat.



  • James M. Kilvington, Inc.


  • Larry Thompson




  • Fleshman’s Antiques
  • Bill Shaeffer Antiques
  • Lisa McAllister
  • The Norwoods’ Spirit of America



  • Douglas Wyant Antiques
  • Williams Antiques


  • Arborfield Americana Antiques

New Hampshire

New Jersey

  • Alice and Art Booth
  • James Grievo Antiques

New York


  • David L. Good Antiques


Rhode Island

  • Denise Scott Antiques


  • Stonecrop Antiques

Travelers visiting York to check out the Greater York Antiques Show can make arrangements with the newly renovated Wyndham Garden hotel (formerly Holiday Inn). The Show has made arrangements to offer a discounted rate of $72/night to both exhibitors and attendees of the show. The Wyndham Garden is located at 2000 Loucks Rd, York, PA 17408 Phone: 717-846-9500 or visit their website at

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